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Preventative Measures

Posted by WE Electric Motors on 4/9/2015

Taking preventative measures can drastically increase the life of your motor. However time consuming these measures will be, you’ll be glad that you followed through with them in the long run. Some of the preventative measures that can be taken include:

  1. Lubrication

    1. Lubricate regularly according to instructions

    2. Check oil reserves regularly

    3. Change oil monthly (if in a poor environment)

    4. DO NOT excessively lubricate

  2. Bearing Inspection

    1. Most common reason for motor failure

    2. Excessive loading, harsh environments, improper lubrication, misalignment of the motor with the load, and replacement with the wrong type of bearing can all lead to bearing problems

    3. Check bearings on a daily basis

      1. Check bearing temperature with thermometer, etc.

  3. Rotor/ Stator Inspection

    1. Check air gap between rotor and stator yearly

  4. Belt Inspection

    1. Check belt tension regularly

      1. Belts should have about one inch of play

  5. Brush/ Commutator Inspection

    1. Check brushes for proper type, hardness, and conductivity regularly

  6. Motor Mount Inspection

    1. Check mounting bolts and steel base plates, as these can lead to warping

    2. Check concrete base for cracking

  7. Field Vibration Analysis

    1. Check for vibration- even if a small amount is detected, this could later lead to a significantly shorter life for the motor

    2. Vibration can be caused by excessive belt tension, defective sleeve or ball bearings, misalignment, or improper balance

    3. Read more about how to minimize/ prevent motor vibration at http://ecmweb.com/galleries/9-ways-minimize-motor-vibration?NL=ECM-04&Issue=ECM-04_20150223_ECM-04_195&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_2_2&elqTrack=true#slide-0-field_images-109151

  8. Motor Temperature Control

    1. Keep your motor clean and cool

    2. Make sure to check motor’s ventilation regularly

  9. Record Keeping

    1. Perform appropriate tests

    2. Record and compare values from tests yearly

      1. The trend of the data will help to figure out the reliability of the motor and indicate the condition that the motor is in